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  1. What's the price of just one day to to try it out?  Nou Pois Äläud is a commitment - for the sake of your own enjoyment and others', and the ability of the instructors to implement the program, it's much better approached as an all-or-nothing, so do budget to arrive by the Friday morning start (optional add-on for Thursday night) through to camp closing on Sunday and proposed performance at or very close to Jõekääru late morning.  There's little flex for remedial instruction for drop-ins.​*

  2. What if I have to cancel? Well that would be a drag, but no problem - if you've paid and cancel before September 6, 2024 at midnight ET to, you'll be refunded in full, less CDN$40.  After that date, no refunds as costs are then fully fixed.

  3. What if the organisers cancel?  Well that would be a drag too, wouldn't it but if the last few years have taught us anything, it's to expect the unexpected.  So if that happens you'll be refunded your paid camp fees and, where applicable, at the then-current exchange rate, and Estonian Arts Centre will absorb costs.

  4. I don't speak Estonian. What now.  We'll all be just fine - after all, it's dance camp for adults, not grammar camp.   That said, instruction is in Estonian but with the program movement based, demonstrations require no spoken language.  All else is in the language of your choosing.  An immersion experience!

  5. Do I get a tax receipt?  Estonian Arts Centre is a registered charity and can issue tax receipts for donations but registration fees on the register page cover camp costs only.  Receipted donations can be made via the KESKUS website.

  6. Can I bring my dog?  What about the rest of the family?  Dogs (leashed) and families (leashing optional) are welcome to help you get settled in and packed out, but not during the camp itself.

  7. I identify as a woman, can I attend?  Nou Pois Äläud will be a safe space for all women, 18+ with no upper limit on age or number of knee or hip replacements, non-binary and female-identifying welcome.

  8. What do I need to bring?  The packing list is on the register page.  To set expectations, this is simple living with indoor plumbing.  While you await the workshop, spruce up your rahvariided or borrow a set if you can (rahvariided not compulsory but if you've got 'em, bring 'em), and regardless find a few spare skirts for rehearsal - free hand always holding the skirt!

  9. Anything else I need to do to prepare?  If you've not danced rahvatants before, make this summer the one when you learn the waltz step before Labour Day - helps!  

*Additional info re late arrival from the 2023 NPÄ-II: ​

A couple of hopeful participants have asked about joining later, on Friday evening.

Short answer: ok for one dance, but dunno about the rest.

Long answer: The instructors will teach the finale dance on Saturday so that one dance is no problem. How joining later will go will depend on your proficiency, the complexity and set configurations of the other dances, and the willingness of other dancers to accommodate and the instructors' available time to repeat instruction. If you attended last year, you'll recall that the approach was quite fluid ie joining late just might, but it also just might not work out, sorry that there's no more specific of an answer on the 'joining late' topic.

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