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Sign up! // Pane end kirja

"Nou Pois Äläud" Tantsulaager is for ages 18+

Register // Pane end kirja

Regular registration - CDN $180

Register here, and you will receive an email for on-line payment, and voila, you've got Tantsupidu 2025 in the crosshairs!  Estonian Arts Centre privacy policy can be found here. // Pane end kirja siin, vastu saad online'is makstava arve ja kinnituse ning ennäe Tantsupidu 2025 ongi sihikul! Estonian Arts Centre andmekaitsealane "Privacy Policy"  siin.

BUT what fun !

pHOTOS coming soon

When // Millal

Gathering and registration Friday evening September 9, and the program starts right after dinner.  Come get settled in as of 4pm, chillax and go for a swim. //  Juba kella 1600st reedel 9. septembril saab end sisse seada, ujumislestasi leotada ja peale õhtusööki algabki trenn.

What to bring // Kindlasti too kaasa

Packing list will be sent mid-August and thereafter upon registration. // Pakkimise soovitused saadame registreerinutele peale Augusti keskpaiku.

Location // Asukoht

Accommodations are in camp cabins with own linens and towel.  Earplugs recommended. //  Ööbimine taredes, oma voodipesu, kätterätt, kõrvatropid kaasa.

Address:  Jõekääru - 38 Viru Ave, Udora Ontario

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